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About Le Denis Dawgs Inc.
We’re committed to making sure that every bite you eat tastes astounding.

Our dawgs are specially crafted by Nower Butchers in Montreal's famed Joe Beef district. We use wholesome ingredients with meat, low sodium and, zero binders or fillers. Our Mustards are prepared by Chef Denis using the world's finest mustard grains from Saskatchewan. Our buns are designed to balance taste and absorb just the right amount of steam. Come on! Try one. 

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Chef Denis Guiol
Proud to serve Montréal
Originally from the south of France, son of a pastry chef and a mother passionate about cooking. Denis traveled and lived in several countries including Switzerland, England, Morocco and many others. He explored a myriad of flavors, tastes and cooking styles. It was in Montreal, however, where his 20 year career began. He worked for a number of famous chefs ranging from Joe Mercuri to Chuck Hughes. His journey has led him to develop the ultimate hot dog, bun and, condiments - The Denis Dawg!
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Nower Beef - Located in Montreal's famed Joe Beef district.
 A family business since 1950, Quebec Smoked Meat, in Montreal, has been processing and preparing meat in all fashions. We don’t use machinery to do our work—each piece of meat is deboned and prepared by hand. Now you can have meats prepared in an old fashioned way—succulent, juicy, and only the finest cuts. Our happy customers gladly recommend our products and services.